Web Developing

The critical need of acquiring a website for your work!!

The presence of companies, whether large, medium or small, on the Internet has become inevitable, Moreover, that presence has become the capital of many of those companies. Clients start searching for your company’s website to find out more information about your brand and services, or to search for ways to communicate with you, so if you have not yet created a website for your company, you are lagging behind your competitors by big steps, and you risk losing a lot of potential customers!

There’s statistics done by the giant Webley, which has built 15 million global sites, it indicates the following:

  • 56% of consumers don’t trust your business unless you have a website.
  • 98% of business owners say that a company’s Facebook page is not a substitute for the website.
  • 58% of people believe that owning a website is the key to success when starting anything.