Albuhairy Center

Mamoun Buheiry center is constructed for economic and social studies and researches in Africa in memory of Sudan’s economic leading statesman, the first President of the African Development Bank, the first governor of the Bank of Sudan, and Finance Minister for two terms, the late Mamoun Buheiry.
The center was established at the initiative and support of friends of the late, his family and his followers, in addition to the generous financial donations from the public and private institutions inside and outside Sudan, the center arepresents living testimony to the man and his life and his achievements, and will continue the work and efforts he started.
The center is an African independent non-governmental, non-profit foundation – engaged in the research and training as a quality center to encourage, promote and sponsor research and in-depth studies in areas related to economic and social development in Africa which Mamoun Buheiry loved and devoted all his life to it.
The center headquarters is Khartoum, with the possibility of establishing other branches in other parts of the African continent.

Vision and Mission:

The center is guided by its basic philosophy that development and freedom are twins, and the center message is to use the search as a tool to improve the quality of life and achieve the aspirations of the African people in the social and economic development.