Features of the device strategy comes in the form of: –

-To root the vision of the state of migration affirmation of the freedom of the Sudanese citizens approved by the religion, guaranteed by the Constitution.
-Facilitate the movement of citizens and removing obstacles from their way.
-The enactment of legislation and laws that guide and direct migrations.
-Adoption of sustainable policies for migration and alienation which integrates roles.
-Stand on the experiences of brotherly and friendly countries in the areas of immigration and take advantage of them.
-The application of quality management systems and excellence in government performance.
-Personnel management system.
-Manage your internal and external partnerships.
-Financial resources management.
-Technical, information and knowledge management.

All this in response to the desires of working abroad and achieve targeted results of the overall strategy and serve the human community.

Machine vision
-Sustainability of the excellence service of Sudanese in the diaspora, all in accordance with the new perspective of migration.

Machine message
Work through the coordination and participation internally and externally to regulate the affairs of Sudanese relations abroad in accordance with the new perspective of immigration investigators seeking the satisfaction and through them to exchange experiences and capabilities and knowledge Asttrac investigation of national goals and Tamiera for the land to be a Sudanese man leadership between the two worlds.