Vastel technologies & information system PLC is an engineering company legally registered and licensed under many countries Laws and authorities in Africa and Asia engaged to provide mainly services range from information technology solutions and telecommunication solutions. It established on 2014.

Vastel is committed to excellence and continually strives to improve its products and services. We are passionate about achieving results that meet or exceed our clients, expectations. We believe that our services will play an important role in bridging the technology gap Africa and Middle East region.

The company is managed and staffed by highly experienced engineers and technicians who have ample experience in the area of project management, supplying, design, site acquisition, construction/installation, operation, testing and commissioning of telecommunication, drive test and Optimization, Information technologies, networking activities, low current solutions and security systems.

Vastel Technologies & Information System PLC is established and envisioned to be the best among the major players of telecommunication engineering business companies by building and developing its engineering and project management capacities through innovative ideas and using up-to-date technologies to cop up with the ongoing business trends as well as upcoming business opportunities and challenges. The company strives to play a major role taking in to account the rapid growth of telecommunication engineering needs in the country and the region due to the recent development endeavors.