Yaqeen platform allows the user to build his cv directly, follow jobs and training courses and apply to them with only one click without the need to open a website or an email to follow .

It also provides a mechanism to link jobs with training courses and vise versa according to the field, so if there’s a new job in the field of management the app will show you training courses related to it so it makes it easy for the user to search training courses that matters to him.

he app works with an uncenteralized management, where there’s an account to each hiring company in which they can add jobs and its specifications to be published to all Yaqeen users.

After that the user cannot apply to a job unless he builds his CV, then he can apply with on click (apply).

The manager of the hiring company can watch the applicants immediatly, download their CV’s in a PDF format and see all their account details then he can contact them if the applicant is fit for the job.

the advertisements appear to the user on Yaqeen in multiple ways:

1- alert: when a new course is added, all users are alerted with a notification so it guarntees the highest views.

2- A section “ALL” where all jobs and training courses are merged with advertisements and they are sorted randomly to give an equal opportunity of appearing to everyone.

3- “Courses” section where courses are sorted form the most recent to the oldest.

4- “Jobs” section where available jobs are sorted from the most recent to the oldest.

5- Special advertisements: which is an area for paid advertisements usually doesn’t exceed 5 advertisement’s in case the client wanted to promote an important course or a special advertisement (animations) to guarantee the highest views.