NG Cosmetics – Beauty and cosmetics retail Mobile App

NG Cosmetics is a platform developed to empower beauty retailers to launch customized and branded iOS and Android apps. Brand loyalty has the greatest influence on the cosmetics and beauty industry. Hence, apps are perfect for cosmetics brands. With branded apps, you get to keep up with your customers with top-of-mind awareness and extensive and powerful marketing tools to drive frequent orders. Consumers can rapidly and effectively access and re-order their favorite products from their favorite brands, while retailers can effortlessly connect with users with exclusive products, discounts, and order updates.


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Become The Premier Online Destination For Beauty Enthusiasts 

NG Cosmetics Is the ideal application for the management and presentation of cosmetics stores where users can enjoy the most convenient way of availing beauty services at their doorstep, to achieve a high increase in sales and promotion of local and international cosmetics products and brands.

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NG Cosmetics helps cosmetics retailers significantly increase revenue and customer retention with mobile solutions.

Exclusive App Offers: The application gives you the chance of avail various exclusive discounts, offers of varied products.

Easy-to-navigate, rich catalog: Make your products easy to find and help your customers make an informed choice while buying mak makeup and beauty cosmetics from various vendors.

Managed Process: The application offers simplified and easy browsing of products, sorting and filter options which streamlines the process management and handling of queries on the client end.

Grow your Business: Increase your sales volume and market reach by boosting your productivity, efficiency, competitive edge, and user experience.

Instant Feedback: Get actionable reviews from customers regarding your products and delivery process.

Social Sharing: With a single tap, customers can share with their network your app and or their experience with your business, which can then offer you free publicity.
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