If you make a fast look around, you will find that sms marketing is the best marketing solution and the most efficient to reach your customers.
In addition, it is cheap comparing to traditional marketing.

How many people read the newspaper you want to advertise on?
How many people listen to radio?
And finally, talking about TV advertising cost could change to a read headache, especially if you are small or medium company.

Mobile SMS Marketing is the best solution
we will send you advertising campaign to huge mobile numbers regarding to the package you select.
In latest studies, more than 99% of received sms messages read by users.
And 95% of them read by the first 3 minutes.
Based on these studies, you will be sure to achive the best results of your advertising campaign.
We will provide you with a detailed report with all sent numbers and the delivery status.

SMS Marketing Advantages:

  • Maybe you want to send message without showing your mobile number, because when you use your phone, you phone number will appear for clients, Anyway when you use Nilogy web app, you can control you sender id, this will hide your mobile number and will give you the ability to use your company name in offers, events, and notifications messages.


  • SMS marketing is better than any other marketing method by sending messages anytime, while you are sure, it will get delivered in seconds and will get read in less than a minute.


  • Also, you take in account, SMS marketing can cover all client categories, everybody take mobile phone these days, but not everybody interested in tv or radio advertising, for that you make sure you will reach everybody, and your messages will get read, clients also will save the message, and forward it to friends to discuss maybe.