Sudanese Company

GLOMEDIA Co. Ltd., a registered company in Sudan in 2013,
based on the activity of DIAMEDIA Co. Ltd it started operation
in 2003.

Our MOTTO: “We shed Lights”

Management & Associates:

1. Paul H. Azzo (Cavaliere)

General Manager Glomedia Center

2. Hatim Safwat Kaballo

Deputy General Manager

3. Hagos Zerimariam

Assistant To General Manager

4. Mohamed Babiker Abdelmagid Hamad

Business Associate & Legal Adviser

5. Aicha Saifeldin Ali Jacob

IT Manger

Scopes of GLOMEDIA website:

To relay the image of Sudan Fairly, Freely & Independently

To Promote Sudanese & non Sudanese companies world wide

To attract Researchers & Investors