Who we are:

In line with the major developments in the field of marketing and sales and the development of new methods in advertising, SSP offers to business owners and business centers the service of SSP discount cards, which increase sales and cash flows and contribute directly to the savings of card users and thus increase in profits and sales For donors to automatically reduce and join the e-directory of the discount service providers.

We are pleased to be part of the system of donors for reductions hoping to contribute to increase awareness of the importance of marketing and its implications.

About Us:
· A company engaged in advertising and marketing.
· The first specialized company in Sudan working in the field of direct sales.
• We have the largest accurate and detailed information base on the Sudanese market and are updated periodically and regularly.

Areas of Use of SSP Discount Card:
· Direct debit card.
· Marketing card service to support shopping campaigns and promotional activities – festivals – special advertisements.
· A huge database that enables direct dealing with customers.
· Use the card as evidence that includes a huge database of business centers.

Mohammed Ahmed Abu Al-Qasim
General Director