Industry: Telecommunications. 

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Website language: English / Arabic.

Development date: 2020.

Country: Sudan.



 Sudani website specializes in offering telecommunication services for Sudanese companies and individuals. The company also displays the latest news related to its achievements. Events and their dates are also announced within the website. The site allows customers to contact with the company through postal correspondence or through real-time conversations. Visitors to the site can find steps and instructions to subscribe to the company’s offers and the financial and technical details of those offers, regarding the company’s ability to attract competencies in various departments, it offers the opportunity of joining Sudani’s team by applying to various vacancies offered within the website. The website provides a set of solutions to enable customers to solve repeated problems without the need of contacting the customer service center.

Website navigation bar includes: Home, our services, social hub, who we are, employment, support.

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